Lower Santa Cruz River Alliance

The Lower Santa Cruz River Alliance is an Arizona 501 (c) (6) non-profit corporation dedicated to identifying and securing a comprehensive, regional flood control solution and related enhancements in the Lower Santa Cruz River Watershed.  

The Lower Santa Cruz River Watershed has a long history of producing catastrophic floods during major storms, resulting in severe damage to crops, farms, housing, communities, businesses, and infrastructure.  The Alliance was formed in response to that threat, which has become especially acute due to the dramatic population growth in the area over the past decade.

The Alliance consists of a diverse group of public and private sector entities representing thousands of affected stakeholders in and near Pinal County, Arizona.

Maricopa Casa Grande Highway, Maricopa Arizona, 1983


It is governed by Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and a Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The current Chairman of the Board is former Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Mark Killian. Since its founding in May, 2010, the Alliance has grown to more than 20 members, representing thousands of stakeholders throughout the region and state.

The Alliance has requested support and assistance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build a comprehensive flood control project on the watershed. Such a project requires formal reconnaissance and feasibility studies first, then engineering and design work and, ultimately, project construction.  Efforts are currently underway to obtain start up funding to begin initial study work on the project.   

Maricopa Middle School, Maricopa Arizona, 1983
3 It is critical that flood protection measures be implemented quickly to adequately protect the people, property and environment in this fast growing metropolis before the next major flood.  The Alliance’s goal is to facilitate the completion of a comprehensive flood control project to safeguard the region today and in the future.
Maricopa Homes, Maricopa Arizona, 1983

Governor's Event March 9, 2012


 Lower Santa Cruz River Alliance

June 28, 2013